A8 pro Fully Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

A8 pro Fully Automated Liquid Handling Workstation
The A8 Pro is the latest generation of liquid handling platforms introduced by NAYO Biotechnology Co., Ltd. With its modular design, it offers the flexibility to configure various functional modules, including even a configurable chassis, easily adapting to diverse applications. The A8 Pro also provides a sterile environment solution equipped with a HEPA filter hood and UV lights to create a sterile workspace.
Instrument characteristics
Multi-function Multi-function
2-channel flexible pippetting module
8-channel fixed pippetting module
Plate transportation module
High process security High process security
High process security
Both pLLD and cLLD monitoring during pippetting process
Plate present monitoring during plate transportation
Fully automated Fully automated
Fully automated
Multiple module integration
Configurable chassis Configurable chassis
Configurable chassis
Worktable is easily configurable to meet the requirements of workflow


Product parameters

ModelA8 Pro
Dimensions750/1200mm(L)×730mm(W)×890mm(H) (Configurable chassis)
Power Supply~100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Arm Configurations2-channel flexible pippetting channel module
8-channel fixed pippetting channel module
Plate transportation module
Deck Capacity20-35
Pipetting PrincipleAir displacement
Pipetting Range1μL-1000μL
Liquid Level DetectionBoth capacitive liquid level detection and pressure liquid level detection
Precision2μL CV<5% ;200μL CV<0.75%
Precision of Arm Movement± 0.1 mm on X,Y,Z axes
Environmental ControlOptional UV & HEPA

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