AutoCap-96 Screw Cap Storage Tube Capper/Decapper

AutoCap-96 Screw Cap Storage Tube Capper/Decapper
AutoCap-96, a screw cap storage tube capper/decapper that enables high-throughput, convenience, and automation for opening and closing storage tubes. It is an ideal choice for automated sample preservation in compound libraries and biobanks.
Instrument characteristics
Excellent Adaptability Excellent Adaptability
Excellent Adaptability
AutoCap-96 is equipped with screw cap adapters for various types of storage tubes, allowing compatibility with a wide range of sample storage tube types from different manufacturers . It supports quick and easy interchangeability of adapters. Furthermore, it can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.
High Throughput,  Fast Speed High Throughput,  Fast Speed
High Throughput, Fast Speed
AutoCap-96 is capable of opening all 96 screw cap storage tubes in a full plate within 30 seconds.
User-Friendly User-Friendly
AutoCap-96 is equipped with an 8-inch large touchscreen for easy and immediate control. The design includes a torque control mechanism to prevent over-tightening, ensuring precise torque control and minimizing adapter wear.
Easy Integration Easy Integration
Easy Integration
AutoCap-96 is equipped with external data interfaces, allowing for seamless integration with automated workflow processes. This feature facilitates smooth integration into existing laboratory setups and enhances overall workflow efficiency.


Product parameters

Product Model

Dimensions(W×D×H) 470mm×260mm×360mm
Weight 20kg
Power Supply Voltage 100V~240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Tube Compatibility SBS standard 96-well screw cap storage tubes;  Customization options available
Cap Detection 12 sets of infrared detectors
Tray Position Detection Equipped with tray position sensors
Cap Operation Modes Cap carrier supported
Emergency Stop Function Emergency stop functionality
Automation Integration RS232 protocol integration and control

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