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Automated solution for tumor gene detection library construction

Author:Nayo Biotechnology
Date:2023-01-03 10:20:31

What is precision medicine? For cancer patients, it is based on the detection of individual genes, to find the most effective targeted drugs, thereby saving trial and error costs, to seize the most valuable treatment time. And with the development of the disease, at different stages of the use of different drugs and treatment, the maximum extension of survival time.

It can be seen that accurate diagnosis is the premise of accurate medical treatment. The rapid development of the second generation sequencing technology undoubtedly provides more possibilities for accurate diagnosis.



Cancer Gene Detection: a technique for detecting genes associated with cancer, finding mutations, and developing more effective, less-harmful, targeted, immunotherapy regimens for patients, and family cancer risk assessment.


Applicable to the crowd

Genetic testing for inherited tumors: for germline mutations, it is recommended for patients with a family history of cancer or for family members.

• Clinical genetic testing for cancer: recommended for patients with pathologically confirmed malignancy, and for those who require and follow-up treatment.


• Intraoperative tumor sample: optimal sample (gold standard) ;

• Biopsy samples: minimal trauma to avoid unnecessary surgery;

• Liquid biopsy samples: this is primarily done by analyzing cancer cells in the blood or DNA released into the blood by cancer cells (ctDNA) 


Clinical significance

To predict the effect of immunotherapy;

• Look for genetic risk of cancer;

• to assess the prognosis and recurrence risk of cancer patients;

• Prompt clinical admission and maximize treatment hope.

基因检测         VS         传统检测




NGS Automation Solutions:

As a provider of home-made laboratory automation solutions, excellence-tolerant biology has been deeply involved in the field of life sciences, especially molecular biology, for many years, its self-developed high-precision automatic liquid handling system is widely used in scientific research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology enterprises, third-party testing agencies, hospitals, disease control and so on, especially, it plays an important role in nucleic acid extraction and QPCR system construction.

On the basis of high precision automatic liquid processing system, the temperature control module, magnetic module and PCR module are integrated into EASY NGS Pre-System automatic library preparation integrated machine, can meet the NGS library building fully automated process. The kit can be customized to different manufacturers in the market to develop the corresponding automated solutions, to minimize the error of manual operation, improve the efficiency of the experiment, and save manpower and time investment.



  ※  8通道移液头

  ※  PCR模组

  ※  层流罩

  ※  高效磁力模组

  ※  孵育模组

  ※  温控模组 



Make it easier for more individuals and organizations

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