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“I'll Be Your Guardian when you're retrograde.”

Author:Nayo Biotechnology
Date:2022-04-27 11:41:32

Since March, confirmed cases have been reported in many parts of the country. Jiashan County is close to the surrounding cities where the outbreak is taking place, and people are coming and going. The situation is grim and complicated.

In order to effectively block the risk of transmission of the epidemic, Jiashan County has been conducting voluntary nucleic acid testing for returnees for a long period of time, and taking into account the development of the epidemic situation, several rounds of nucleic acid detection were carried out in the“Three zones”(sealed zone, controlled zone and guard zone) .

Under the guidance of the health bureau of Jiashan County, the Jiaxing branch of NIU Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. has joined hands with the Red Cross of Jiashan County, the first People's Hospital of Jiashan County, China, has donated an automatic nucleic acid spotting instrument and an automatic sample cup system, and 20,000 consumables are accompanied with the equipment.


The NAYO EASY-SAMPLE 96 system can automatically open the cap and scan the code of the swab sample collection tube, and transfer the sample to the nucleic acid extraction plate, which is widely used in the sample transfer process of the new crown nucleic acid detection.

24-hour uninterrupted operation, a single machine can achieve daily processing of nearly 5000 samples. At the same time, the ultraviolet disinfection and negative pressure HEPA double-layer filtration system are installed to prevent aerosol pollution, and simultaneously realize the safety of the environment and personnel.

Nayo automatic nucleic acid spot analyzer (N96-2004S) can transfer and add samples of 96 samples at one time during nucleic acid detection stage, and add samples of 96 mix samples at one time during PCR system construction. With the help of high throughput pipetting, one instrument can support 10-15 PCR amplifiers at the same time, greatly reducing the manual operation time and error rate.


Recently, both instruments have been installed, debugged and trained, and have been put into use at the nucleic acid testing base of the first People's Hospital in Jiashan County.

“With the support of these devices, we can complete the test tasks more efficiently and safely,” said Yan Zonglai, chief of the equipment department at the first People's Hospital in Jiashan County.

The virus is merciless, and times are tough. But we still believe that every retrograde in front of you, every silent behind you, each with the prevention and control of you, each of you volunteer, when the hard times will pass.

No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come, let us together science and technology anti-epidemic, wait for“Spring flowers bloom.”


Make it easier for more individuals and organizations

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